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metrouniv.ac.id - Divia Khairunita (A Student of English Language Department, IAIN Metro)

Talking about English, a thing that quickly crosses mind is that it is an international language. All people would agree that English is important since most people in this universe speak English, passively or actively. Everyone must learn English, then. If you ever search in google “the most used language in the world”, you will find out that  English is the first with 1.132 million speakers which is the 379 million of them are native. Therefore, many non-English-speaking countries include English into their educational system, including Indonesia.

Nowdays, English is commonly learned among the students in Indonesia.  The schools, private and public, accommodate English into their curriculum. The kids and adolensce are encouraged to master English. In other words, from the elementary students until high school students in Indonesia have to learn English. With this is mind, we can declare that English is common languange in Indonesia. Indonesian students have been  familiar with English from the early ages, where the brain development to learn languages in its peak.

English teachers have been gradually developing the ways of how they teach, explain, and implement English in their classrooms. The addition of how technology had developed as well,  the ELT in classrom became more various from the interactive method to the development in strategy of ELT. Students find English intriguing in that they may adapt with English quickly. But recently, the disrupt from pandemic makes the English language teaching (ELT)  in the Indonesian classrooms turn upside down. While the teachers find out the way for their students for learning from their home, the students almost comfortable with their leisure condition in their home.

There’s a popular saying among Indonesian student lately, which is if we write in indonesia, the phrase goes “gabisa basa enggres”. Well, that infromal phrase if we translate it into English, it means that the students do not understand English. Of course the students would not be able to say it directly to their teachers in the schools. But, it is another story for a private English teacher. It will be quite sad and annoying to hear students say “gabisa basa enggres” directly to your face. And based on how my personal experience, they said that phrase just to get the teachers understand their  real condition. In fact, the students cannot learn  English properly because of the pandemic.

The first time the teacher will understand them, indeed the pandemic had delayed everything, inlcuding the learning and teaching process. The second time students say that, the teacher will try his or her best to explain to them. Third time, fourth time and so on it became a bad habit to give up learning. Certainly, this leads to another problem in learning English. And from my observation alone from teaching, the conventional method of story telling, watching movie and singing song cannot attract the students’ attention to learn English. The students will  just pay attention to the fun activity and fail to be serious in the next learning. It needs time to bring back the students’ focus and keep their attention in the purpose of the learning. This problem needs an extra care for teacher to be able to teach their students without losing their student focus when doing online learning.

The most common way that has been implemented by most teachers in Indonesia is using Whatsapp. Whatsapp is common way to communicate online. It is quite practical for everyday use. But the students can just simply reply in the chatroom and come back sleep. The other way is to meet virtual using video call fitures in zoom, microsoft team, or google meet. The teachers can have a face to face meeting with their students to explain the materials. But even so, the interactive process can stop when students just simply turn off their mic and video, and later tell their teachers  that they have bad connection. Moreover, an online quiz also makes the students tired if the teacher gives quizzes too often. All things mentioned should be done but in an appropriate method. And once again, the teachers will cause difficulties for the students because  of the bunch of application that should be installed.

The alternative way is to create an virtual world like classes and design and fill the world with daily quest. It can be reading materials and answering quiz, or the teacher can upload the teaching video there. Is it possible? Of course, it is. One of our lecturers had already implemented this technique for his teaching, an tiktok account of Zahranfth posting her virtual classroom situation and it has already spread from mouth to mouth. From the arrangement ot the chairs with the students’ names, a blackboard containing materials of learning. English teachers might want to try such games as Gather Town and Zapeto for their online teachings. I believe that many millennial learners would love to learn English through interesting games.

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